GEN i1 Smart Golf Ball,
Not Just For Golfers.

Intensify your play.

Gain Confidence and Drain Putts Guaranteed

Track ball rotation, skid, and distance to help improve your putting.

Precise Metrics

Rotation, distance, skip, and skid are just a few of the metrics our app shows you. Seeing these metrics will give you the confidence you deserve when putting.

Games Made To Train

Our ball is designed to train and entertain with a wide variety of drills and games. Practice under pressure against our intellibots or compete with your friends.

Golf Anywhere, Anytime

With the GEN i1 mat and portable putter (4 pieces), you will be able to practice and play anywhere you go as long as you have Bluetooth connection.

Become A Pro

Use the games and drills to collect points to level up in the app. The more you practice, the more you level up. Watch yourself become a pro in no time.

The Ultimate Weapon for the
Ultimate Training Experience

The GEN i1 will improve your game through putting with interactive games and drills.

Relied on by Golfers Everywhere

"GEN i1 improved my putting in just two weeks”

Joe Moore

"I used GEN i1 everyday for training my team”

Chris Jack

"I seen a huge improvement in my putting”

Manny Reich

"I use the GEN i1 to compete with friends all around the world”

Bryan Bellinger


  • 5000 Putt Battery Life
  • Connect with Friends Anywhere
  • Portable
  • Easy to Understand Metrics
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Entertaining Games & Drills
  • Bluetooth
  • Club & ball Analysis
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9 Axis Accelerometer


  • Ball Rotation
  • Ball Skid/Skip
  • Ball Roll Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Ball Distance

Precision Club Sensors

  • Club Face
  • Stroke Tempo
  • Stroke Length
  • ...
  • X

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    For the first time ever, you will see the exact rotation, spin, and initial direction that you can't see with the naked eye. Use the GEN i1 app to see the crucial metrics, immediately fix your putting, lower your score, and WIN.

    Your putter is the only club you use on every hole, so the GEN i1 will help you see results the fastest. We get it, practicing putting sucks. We make it MORE FUN for you with games and drills that entertain while you train.